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Amazing cubes with amazing customer service

I had ordered these a while ago and never realized they were "pre-ordered" so when they finally shipped My fiance and I were in the middle of relocating for his job. Since we had our address forward to here, it never made it. It went back to the shipper who ever so was happy to re-ship them out for me to the right address! I'm in the process of looking at the other designs and will be ordering one or two more!! Highly recommend this site!!!!!!

Yay I don't lose anything anymore!

I'm EXTREMELY forgetful-- I'm constantly losing credit cards, ID, insurance card, keys... everything. This bag saved my life. I don't need a wallet anymore, I just use this as my wallet now. The key leash makes sure that my keys don't fall out when I'm getting my phone in and out. I keep a mini sunscreen, FOUR chapsticks, my phone, keys, Airpods, ear plugs in here. I am a 100% practicality person and 0% style but I actually get so many compliments on it for looking cute!

The perfect mom bag!

I've been searching for a smaller bag forever and I stumbled across these. This is the absolutely PERFECT size and made of such quality materials. I was shocked with how durable it is for such a great price! I love that I can wear it multiple ways and chase my toddler around without any fear of losing my stuff.

A new favorite!!

Randomly started seeing ads on my Facebook for Brixley crossbody bags and instantly thought they were SO cute. When I first looked on the page, I noticed they were all available for preorder only, and I didn’t want to wait. So I went and bought a similar bag somewhere else, and ended up not loving it. So I came back and preordered this bag, and I received it in under two weeks even though it wasn’t supposed to ship until September! I was amazed. I’m literally obsessed with this bag and now I need it in every color lol. The design and layout on the inside of the bag is just better than other brands, more organized, and I love that there’s a clip thing on the inside that I can clip my car keys to. Def will be ordering a couple more very soon!!

Worth the wait!

I am a person who believes how essential it is to have packing cubes. I recently started travelling a lot last year, so me being a rookie, bought packing cubes from Amazon, which broke after one use :/ I came across Kimberly’s TikTok video demonstrating how much you can fit in one cube. From that video, I can hear and see how good the quality is! I’ve been waiting since February, and it came in April. I started packing for a trip, and boy, I am so glad I came across Brixley, so freaking cute and the quality is top notched! Worth the investment. You get what you pay for! If you’re hesitant, don’t be, and just buy it! Will be buying more colours in the future for sure!

The BEST bag!

I have always loved carrying small bags and have consistently struggled to find the perfect one that is able to fit all I need while keeping things organized. And then I found Brixley!!! The key clip, credit card organizer, and multiple pockets make it so that you can fit so many things in this bag while still maintaining accessibility. Customer service is also amazing. I can’t wait for more colors to be back in stock!


I honestly was obsessed with this bag the minute I saw an ad on Instagram or TikTok! So I preordered it and I use it all the time! It’s honestly the best travel bag, it was so easy for me to store my passport and boarding pass. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to order more colors!!


Just yes. It’s the perfect size!

I ordered way back in January after discover Kimberly on tik tok, there were shipping delays due to global shortages but communication was A+++. I ordered one for my sisters for Christmas already. If you are not sure if you should get it.DO IT!


I haven’t had a chance to use my packing cubes yet.I will be using in sometime in November for vacation.I will definitely be recommending your packaging cubes to my family and friends.

End all be all holy grail

This is the most versatile, compact, sleek and useful bag I have ever bought... I keep all my cards in it, a travel perfume, 2 tampons, knife, tweezers, floss, lighter, motor cycle paperwork, headphones, a pen, car keys and phone with room to spare! I am constantly being stopped by friends and strangers to ask where they can get one. The quality is amazing. The shipping to Canada was seamless and fairly quick. Branding is minimal! 10/10 recommend to any man, woman or person!

Thanks Brixley


This crossbody is everything I thought it would be and better. It is such amazing quality and it is the size. It holds everything I need it to and it is all organized so I can find what I need when I need it. I will for sure be ordering more.

So convenient!

Absolutely obsessed with this bag and color! I’ve never been able to find a bag both big enough and small enough for my cards and daily items that I carry…..UNTIL NOW! It holds everything I need for running errands and for my daily run. Couldn’t be any happier! Amazing bag and amazing quality.


i am obsessed with my piggy bag! i preordered it back in january, got it in july and i have never been more excited! about a week after i got my bag one of the loops had torn out of it's place and i sent them a picture and i had not just a response but a new bag within 48 hours. when i tell you this is a staple for me now, there's never been a truer statement!!

Perfect Bag!

Not only are these the most absolutely perfect bags but Kimberly the owner of Brixley gives the BEST customer service. No matter what bag in whatever color or design you want you will NOT be disappointed. I need every option because who doesn't love options?! Don't hesitate just buy it!


I am obsessed with my crossbody. We have 3 now! The quality of these bags is amazing, so sturdy and a pocket for everything. I love that it can be worn several different ways and with every outfit I own! 10/10 recommend to everyone I know!

My new favorite bag!!

I am not only blown away by how high quality the leather is for such a reasonable price and how much you can fit in such a seemingly small bag AND how versatile and practical this bag is AND by how quickly it showed up at my door step, but Brixley’s costumer service is also unmatched! When I first saw this brand on TikTok, I knew I had to have at least one and luckily midnight was in stock, but the other color I was interested in wasn’t. I figured it was worth a shot to message the Instagram account with a question. Not expecting much, I officially fell in love with this brand when she responded within a single minute of me sending the message!! She was so helpful and kind. Brixley has a customer for LIFE!!! I’m so excited to continue growing my collection, so I can have a bag for every outfit and mood!! THANK YOU BRIXLEY!!!


Brixley will forever be my favorite bag. The versatility, storage and durability are top notch. And the price point for the bag is spot on. I’ll never carry anything else!


Such a cute, easy crossbody. The pale lilac color is perfect! Strap length is long enough, which can be an issue with other cross bodies.


I preordered this bag as soon as I saw it on TikTok! It was literally exactly what I wanted for an upcoming vacation. I wanted to travel light and eliminate my wallet. I was able to carry a couple credit cards, sunglasses, mini sunscreen, ibuprofen, and my phone in this bag on my trip. It was exactly what I needed. Plus it just is super cute and looks great with every outfit!! Highly recommend! I also reached out to Kimberly about the shipment of my order and she was very kind and got back to me quickly. If you’re on the fence, get it!!

Love this bag and love Kimberly

I found Kimberly on TikTok and ran right into the website. This color wasn’t sold on the website so I decided to reach out and Kimberly was so sweet! She let me know that this color was at a local store here in Utah! She even help me find it on the website and everything! I’m super glad I found her and her business and glad I get to support locally! She honestly is so sweet and makes the purchase even that much worth it! Onto the bag, I was looking for small, simple, but something that wound hold my stuff without smooshing everything in. Let me tell you!! This bag is it. I mostly wanted this bag for like concerts and events because they are cracking down on how big the bag is and this has gotten in EVERY TIME! I usually need a little bag for medical reasons (inhaler and spacer, etc) and hate having to hold it all. Night. Long. And when I found this I loved how compact and organized it is and bigger than you think. ALSO IT FITS A T SHIRT IN THERE TOO! So all my stuff and I can fit a Tee in it and still be comfortable and cute…. OF COURSE IM BUYING IT! I love the color and plan on getting more especially the clear one! Kimberly thank you so much for creating this brand, the best traveling stuff, and being you! One of the best purchases I’ve made and have no regrets!! Also thank you TikTok for putting her on my for you page without that I wouldn’t have my cute lagoon bag!!!

New Obsession!

So multifunctional and I’m obsessed with the combinations this crossbody can make with the strap! Planning to buy more as gifts. Thank you!


This is the greatest bag I have ever owned. I love it so much! It goes with me everywhere, and I’m just honestly OBSESSED! YOU NEED THIS BAG!

Ultimate mom bag!

Saw Kimberly post them on tik tok and fell in love! Followed her on all of her social media platforms to find out how I could purchase one asap! I ended up preordering and recieved my two bags a month or so later. I love them, they’re so versatile, go with everything, and hold everything I need. Instead of throwing all my loose cash, cards, etc. in my diaper bag, I just put everything where it goes.
Mines holds my breast milk pads/bags, all my cards, cash, keys, scrunchie, glasses, lipgloss, pen, cuticle oil, and still leaves me with the front and back pockets to fill!!


Bought this bag for Disneyland! With two small kids, I needed to make sure I had something easy and simple to use that would carry the necessities! Definitely recommend. Now I need to go order the packing cubes!!

Awesome bag!

This crossbody bag is great! I love that I can wear it different ways. I have two young children so I change up the way I wear it depending on if I’m having to carry one of them or if I’m just by myself. The color is so pretty, kinda like a bubblegum pink. Def recommend!