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Route Package Protection
Marion Richmond
Nice bag

Bag has lots of room and great pockets! Love it!!

Perfect size

I have the smaller one and just needed a little wiggle room, this is the perfect size. Not too big, just a little bit bigger.

Desert Crossbody Sling
Diana Calloway
Small bag

I love this bag, but I can’t wait to order the medium size…. I think that will be a perfect size for me, although I can get quite a bit of things in the small one. You won’t be disappointed!

Well worth it!

Love the multi-way to use. Agree with other reviews that having 2 zippers would be nice to access easier from either side.

Perry Crossbody Sling
Roslyn Damron
Love it!

The color is great. Pretty easy to match with outfits. The size is perfect!

Cute and good quality

It’s a nice bag. It’s not really my style but it’s well made and I’m sure I’ll use it from time to time. It seems very functional and it’s cute. It’s just too casual for me for a daily bag but I’m keeping it. :0)

Love the new size!

If you’re a kindle girly, this is for you. It fits my all new paper white AND THEN SO MUCH MORE. The pocket inside is perfect for it. It has all the cool features of the smaller one it’s just bigger which I absolutely love. My kindle, my headphones, even my wallet if I wanted too, my chapstick, lotion, germ x, and my phone will fit!!! And it’s so cute across the body. I want to get another strap so I can wear it like a mini backpack sometimes. Highly recommend although the price can deter you, I really love it and want more colors (although my bank account doesn’t!) I was hesitant on the brown because it seemed too brown to me but when I saw videos of it it looked more nude brown so I went for it and I was not disappointed! Pictures for reference :)


the size is perfect to wear as a backpack, but it also fits inside larger bags for school/work. my favorite part is that it fits not only my phone, but my kindle (granted, it’s a mini model, but it was just a little too big for the smaller version)! cannot recommend enough — I hope they release it in more colors!

More Space is Great, but Card Slot Too Deep

I absolutely love the slightly larger space in the crossbody. I've been wanting more space for my phone, a glasses case, and I can even fit a small camera. My only drawback is the card slots are too deep. The cards drop all the way to the bottom and it's nearly impossible to get them out. I hope they fix this for future designs- it'll be PERFECT

MEDIUM - Jet Crossbody Sling
Mischele Randazzo
Love my Brixley!

Love Love Love!! My daughters and I love our Brixley’s so when I saw a medium size was going to be available I immediately got on the wait list. If you’re looking for an everyday bag or a travel bag that is versatile, roomy and comfortable…this is your bag! It has just enough space and compartments to keep your items organized. I get so many compliments on all of my Brixley bags!


I have the original Brixley and it has been perfect because I never carry much around but when traveling, I felt like I needed more room and was so excited when they launched the medium crossbody. This size is perfect for fitting sunglasses with a case, passports, and other essentials! Since they are the exact same (except for size) it’s so easy to switch between them.


I like how I don't end up carrying alot of junk & it fits my kindle but its still a tight fit depth wise I can’t fit my hand in after or carry a small bottle of purfume. The card slot cool but they're so deep down.

MEDIUM - Desert Crossbody Sling
Kandace Breckenridge
LOVE the new size!

This is my second Brixley bag, but the first one in the medium size. It is exactly what I needed! I love having all the same amazing features the Brixley bags offer, and now in a size that fits everything I need as a busy mom of 3 on the go!


I bought the regular size and it was just a tad too small. I was thinking to myself “I wish it was just a little bigger”. Then I saw the email about the medium size bag. This is PERFECT! I love it. It is my go to bag everyday and is perfect to carry when you also haul around 3 kids and a diaper bag! I will definitely buy another when more patterns come out in the medium size!!


This bag is literally perfect. Fits diapers and wipes, no need for a wallet, key clasp and can be worn so many different ways. I hope they come out with different colors and materials in this size!

great for vacation!!

I took this bag on vacation and it stored everything i needed (pads, airpods, portable charger, hand sanitizer and wipes, and multipl lip products w a tiny mirror). Not only did it fit soo much, it was very cute and stylish! I would def recommend for everyday life and vacation!


The medium is the perfect size for me! It’s fits everything I need perfectly. Please release more colors in the medium!

Love the medium with one problem

I love the new size, it’s perfect for me for everyday. The only issue I have is that the card slots allow the cards in them to fall down too low to easily grab. The card slots on the original size are perfect, but the ones on the medium do not catch the cards.

Lifeline #2🫶🏼

Absolutely love the bigger version as I’m about to have a baby and needed some more space! Can’t wait for the travel bag to come out 😍

Desert Crossbody Sling
Maria Raadmae
Another Spanish Fork girl

I am a Spanish fork girl trio and online that I can support a business from my hometown. I love it and can’t wait to use ir on my vacation this weekend!

The medium size is great!

I am so happy with my medium sized bag! I have the regular size brixley in the black leather and love it! Now this medium one fits even more stuff on those days I have to carry more! P.S. it fits a kindle paperwhite with a case on!

Jet Crossbody Sling
Margaret Nieves

Love my bag so convenient, enough for the essentials , perfect for those who have back issues.

Perry Crossbody Sling
Kara Browning
Wish it was slightly bigger, can barely fit my iPhone

It is a great bag, very durable and fits everything, it is just hard to fit my phone in.

Love It

I was looking for a comfortable everyday bag. I don’t wear this like any of options featured. Instead I wear it as a crossbody on my back (instead of on the front). When I need something out of it, I use the strap to pull it forward. It goes a bit sideways when I do this, but I’m still able to get what I want out of it without worrying about anything spilling out. Also love the color.

Black Strap
Lisa Veneri
Quality and Versatility

I’ve gone through a few bags now and I love the Brixley bag! I might even like one a little bigger but this actually suits my needs very well. I like that I can change the configuration of how I attach it to myself. I did buy the extra strap but have not used it like a backpack yet. Love the versatility of how you can wear it. Great job designing this bag!