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MEDIUM - Leather Midnight Crossbody Sling

MEDIUM - Leather Midnight Crossbody Sling



Our crossbody sling bags are ready for any adventure you are.

Inside you will find credit card holders and pockets galore. Take your sling bag all the way to Europe and keep organized while exploring, or to Disneyland to hold your essentials while you ride Space Mountain! Or just wear it around town because who doesn't want to be cute while staying organized?

MEDIUM SIZE - 6'W x 2.5'D x 8.5"H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love my medium bag. I had the smaller one and completely wore it out and was going to get another small one; however, I have a baby now and this medium bag is perfect for throwing a diaper, wipes, and a food pouch in with plenty of space so I don’t have to carry a whole diaper bag.


I am obsessed with this bag! It is the perfect size for my kindle and all the other things I like to bring with me on a daily basis!


This is definitely not worth the $62 they charge. The strap is poor quality and I would expect the inside to be more luxurious or open wider than it does. I’ve purchased cheaper items that are better quality.


Love it so much! I have a small one and when the medium one came back in stock I knew I needed it! It is the perfect size for everything I have! I got leather so it is the ideal bag for every day, rain or shine!


Let me start by saying I have been watching for the medium size bag restock email for months. I missed all the restocks prior to Xmas. I just got the new leather medium. It’s honestly what I wanted my first brixley bag to be like. What I mean is since these mediums are selling out so fast, it may be time to rethink the standard size. Potentially making the mediums the new standard because let’s be honest it’s not a whole lot bigger and the second zipper is what mostly sold me. Also that it was a joke to consider these monster phones will fit once the standard size was full. And the one zipper makes it difficult to use the key fob option without all your stuff falling out.
I do love the bags and the quality is great but it just feels like the shrinkflation now that the medium is so hard to get.